If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
Isaac Newton

Much of web design pivots on learning from and adapting the code of others. I've used specific techniques or received key insights from these designers and sites:

  • Alan Pearce - An excellent article on the A List Apart website on multi-column layouts.
  • Steve Dawson - the source of the random quotation generator php script on the home page and the javascript to encrypt the email address on the contacts page
  • Nifty Corners - a variety of ways to generate rounded boxes without recourse to graphics - very simple, very clever
  • 456 Berea Street - nice presentation (and embedded further discussion) on setting the "active" menu item using CSS
  • Eric Meyer's Complex Spiral site - a particularly clear discussion on containing and clearing floats
  • Dave Woods - I've slightly adapted his adaptation of the Eric Meyer CSS reset for this site