Links of relevance to KompoZer:

  • KompoZer - the official homepage.
  • KompoZer Forum - the support forum, I'm on there as a moderator (far more as an enthusiast than an expert). Come on by, we are a friendly bunch!
  • HandCoder - an essential complement to KompoZer once you get into looking at the code. Written by Fabien Cazenave (aka Kazé) who updated the moribund Nvu to give us KompoZer.
  • Kaz'hack - follow the progress of the next version of KompoZer here.
  • KompoZer Windows Installer - easy installation for those otherwise hindered by using Windows
  • KompoZer User Guide - written by the inestimable Charles Cooke
  • KompoZer Tutorials - written by Greg Chapman (aka Gregtutor), the most prolific poster on the KompoZer forum.
  • Missing Files and Ftp Issues - problem-busting by forum moderator Bob Putnam (BobCP).
  • BlueGriffon - the likely successor to KompoZer, although development seems to have been stalled fo some time now, being written from scratch on a more modern codebase by the original author of Nvu, Daniel Glazman

Some good general resources for web design:

  • Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML - while introductory in nature and very concise this still contains a remarkable amount of information, was something of a pivotal site in my coming to grips with the relationship between HTML and CSS in terms of the actual code
  • HTML Dog - very comprehensive coverage of both HTML and CSS, specific sections aimed at different knowledge levels
  • CSS Basics - the title says it all, succinct definitions and examples of CSS terms - the advertizing is rather intrusive though
  • CSS Play - vast collection of CSS techniques, more a code resource than an educational tool