Welcome! The main aim of this site, still in it's infancy, is to provide information for users of the WYSIFA Forum which in itself seeks to support the open source WYSIWYG web page editor KompoZer. However I hope there will be items here on CSS, HTML and the tools to edit these codes that will be of a wider interest.

As comprehensive guides and tutorials for KompoZer are already available (see the Links page for details) the main focus here is on making the transition from using the WYSIWYG interface to dealing with the code directly using a text editor.

Although KompoZer is one of the better multi-platform WYSIWYG editors available I tend to see it as much as an educational tool. It builds clean, standards compliant, if poorly formatted code which can be used as a base from which to move to a hybrid approach combining the WYSIWYG interface with a text editor. From there the otherwise intimidating jump to "pure" coding using only a text editor is much easier. This is the progression I made - strictly speaking using Nvu, the predecessor to KompoZer - and I hope to encourage you to use this site to follow the same route. The rewards are worth the effort!


Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.
Robert Frost