CSS Topics ...

This page covers some areas of CSS that I've explored that might be of interest to others. I have no intention of developing this into a general reference / tutorial site - you should visit HTML Dog and CSS Basics for that - nor will it be a repository for snippets of code - for that head over to CSS Play or the snippets area of CSS-Tricks (where you should stop to browse the articles too).

The areas discussed here are:

  • CSS Menus - a discussion of resources for CSS-based menus followed by working through how the menu for this site was created
  • Float:bottom - true, there is no such CSS property, but it would be nice if there were. This is an attempt to stick a div to the bottom of a site while allowing the text to wrap around it, not something you can achieve with a footer or absolute positioning. On the way we have to work round a long-standing bug in the way both Firefox and IE deal with floats.